PAZA Project – Achievements and outcomes in the field of legislation

One of the main objectives of the PAZA II Project consists in contributing to increased livestock health and productivity and improved protection of public health in Albania in line with the EU regulations for the control and monitoring of zoonotic agents.

Full inventory of veterinary and veterinary-related legislation

A specific result that the project wanted to achieve was to make available to all stakeholders in the livestock production and food industry the full body of the Albanian veterinary legislation. To this end the hired local legal expert prepared the full inventory of the veterinary and veterinary-related legislation which is to be placed on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Status of veterinary acquis in Albania

In addition, based on the outcome of the work that was done on the legal inventory, a report was prepared on the progress of the approximation process of the veterinary acquis in Albania. The main conclusions of the report were that two main aspects, namely the systematic approach to the approximation of EU legislation and the transparency of the transposed domestic legislation, need to be considerably improved. These remain challenges for the Albanian Veterinary Authority in the future.