Brief overview about the PAZA Project


Project name             :      Improving Consumer Protection Against Zoonotic Diseases –  Phase II 

Project location        :       Albania

Duration                     :         55 months

TA value                     :           € 2 097 500

Govt. contribution   :         €    400 000

Total value                 :           € 2 497 500  

Key stakeholders      :           The public in Albania; consumers of animal products, regulatory authorities, veterinary administration and services, livestock producers and traders in livestock and products of animal origin.

Overall objective:     Contribute to increased livestock health and productivity and improved protection of public health in Albania in line with the EU regulations for the control and monitoring of zoonotic agents.

Project purpose:       The capacity to plan, implement, monitor and sustain risk-based national strategies for the progressive control and eradication of target zoonotic diseases, such as brucellosis, anthrax, rabies, tuberculosis and CSF is established.

Five Key results:

Result 1Re-organization of the state veterinary service, staffed by appropriately trained, regulated and supervised veterinary professionals, which complies with international requirements is facilitated effectively.

Result 2: A coherent, integrated and fully operational animal disease surveillance system is in place.

Result 3: Multi-annual, strategic programmes for the progressive control and eradication of priority animal diseases and major zoonoses are implemented effectively.

Result 4: Risk of human exposure to rabies from infected foxes in Albania progressively reduced and eliminated.

Result 5: A sustainable, modern national communication system is established between the state veterinary service and key stakeholder groups.